Tricks of the Trade for Vacation Rental Marketing

Tricks of the Trade for Vacation Rental Marketing

As the owner of a site, you know how important it is to constantly add fresh content that will be picked up by Google and other search engines while driving traffic to you.  Excellent content can be shared across social media sites while building great SEO value, keywords along with fresh pages and backlinks.  Offer your address, city, zip codes along with directions.

Market To Your Prior Guests

Always stay up on your site visitors and those who have rented property from you in the past.  Staying in touch and offering them new vacation incentives will keep them coming back for more.  Guests appreciate when you follow up with them after their stay to get their feedback. This way the experience is still fresh in their mind and you can get all the details. Check out tools like Survey Monkey to gather your vacation rental property research. You might also have new properties that you will offer a discount if they sign up for a property within a certain time frame.

Provide valuable information regarding an area that travelers might want to check out.  If you have properties in Southern France, write about the surrounding area, fabulous places to visit and other activities to draw vacationers. By providing this information directly, potential guests won’t have to search for reasons to chose your property.

(For more tips on creating surveys for your past guests, visit this post from Vacation Rental Marketing Blog)

Partner With Local Businesses

You can create link building strategies with other local businesses and partners.  By receiving relevant links from other sites to your properties, you can boost your SEO score to the opportunity for potential guests to find your properties. You can manage links and a profile from local business groups to attract visitors to your destination.  You can use local links pointing to your site while using local businesses links from your social media sites. Exchange links with sites that include local events such as youth sports tournaments, marathons, and cultural events which generate visitors seeking accommodations. Property managers can then use those local events to leverage their vacation destinations.

Get with other local businesses to partner with so you can attract more visitors.  Partnering with like-minded businesses can be a win-win situation for both parties while offering excellent exposure.  When seeking links for your vacation rental properties, it is about the quality of links, not the quantity.

Actively Seek Reviews For Your Properties

Consumers that have rented your properties will play a huge role in creating new traffic.  Guests are often hesitant to stay at a property that either has no reviews or bad reviews. Get your consumers involved by requesting they leave reviews regarding their experience while on vacation.  The more positive reviews you accumulate the more others are going to rent from you.  Don’t be afraid of receiving negative reviews because this will allow you see what you can improve upon for the next guests. It is also important to acknowledge the negative reviews. Ensure the guests that you have received their feedback and make a conscious effort to take precedence to fix those faults. If the error was a simple fix, notify the guest that is has been corrected and invite them back along with a special offer.

Be Visible In Multiple Sites

Search out multiple channels where consumers frequently go to find vacation rental properties.  Becoming active on other sites will give good visibility when you leave comments on articles and will draw consumers to your site. By having your properties listed in a wide variety of channels, such as, HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, you are increase the likelihood of booking out your properties; and bookings translates to revenue. Vacaystay Connect offers services to not only optimize your vacation rental listings, but will continue to provide channel management to take care of the technical and merchant processing for you while you sit back and achieve ultimate bookings.

Reach Global Travelers

Sharing content will also draw global travelers from far and wide, allowing for further and more active visitors checking out your properties.  You do not have to “live” on social media sites, but understand what a very valuable tool these sites are. As stated in the US Travel Association, the U.S. received 77.5 million international arrivals in 2015. Of those, approximately 38.4 million came from overseas markets, and 39.1 million came from Canada and Mexico. It is also important to note that each overseas traveler stays an average of 18 nights.

Visibility is key in improving your vacation rental marketing level through visiting other sites, partnering with other vacation rental property businesses and utilizing social networking. Download our checklist to make sure your properties are being seen by all possible guests!

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