Client Testimonials

Christa Levesque, Booking Home Manager at

“We are impressed with VacayStay Connect’s attention to detail and focus on booking results. and VacayStay Connect share a commitment to listing quality that ensures consumers have the best shopping and booking experience on our sites.”

Sara Eubank, Canyon Services, Salt Lake City

“It’s been a real pleasure working with the VacayStay Connect team. We’ve worked with three of your competitors over the last year with unsatisfactory results. You guys understand the distribution business and our business. You understand the unique characteristics of the channels and you understand how we do business. You figure out the optimal way to make our distribution work. Your competitors just tried to back us into a corner and tell us how we had to do things.”

Michael Brown, CEO, Mead Brown Costa Rica

“VacayStay Connect is truly our business partner.  We work collaboratively and seamlessly as a team.  The professionals at VSC are totally engaged, and they are committed to Mead Brown Costa Rica’s success (they recognize that—ultimately—our success is their success).  I have found that everyone at VSC is professional and super responsive.  Partnering with them is one of Mead Brown’s best strategic business decisions.”

Lisa Derr, Pend Oreille Shores Resorts

Pend Oreille Shores Resort is very excited to be a part of the VacaStay Connect/HomeAway Partnership!  We were looking for a reputable online company that could put our resort in front of customers specifically searching for a fully furnished unit as opposed to a hotel room setting. Throughout the process of building our listing, the staff was very professional, pleasant and (thankfully for us) patient!  The HomeAway team worked well together with our staff to make sure we were very comfortable with the listing information and the booking process.  All questions and concerns were dealt with quickly and efficiently.  We are looking forward to this relationship and feel confident that HomeAway bookings will be an excellent source of revenue for our resort.

Jim Killam, Resort Manager, Acadia Village Resort HOA

“Working with Myles Snyderman and others at VacayStay Connect/HomeAway has been very refreshing for me.Their professionalism, their amazing attention-to-detail is something I haven’t seen in a long time.Even if we are a small account, we never feel like one, and I look forward to a long partnership with them.”

Catherine Gib, Vacation Big Sky

“We’ve been very pleased with our decision to use VacayStay Connect for our vacation rental website. The team has been extremely responsive to our requests and has worked with us to tailor their designs to our needs. We highly recommend their services to any company looking for a cost-effective way to develop a website with online booking capabilities.”

Erik Chapin, Alpine Edge Home Management

“I’m very happy with the usability, design and functionality of my VacayStay-powered site. Integration with my HomeAway property listings has definitely saved me time.”

Dustin F, Moab Property Management

“With VSB, you not only get a professional webstore, but you also have a whole support team that is constantly improving their products. Great solutions, great team, and affordable pricing. I have also seen an increase in revenue from direct bookings.”

Florida Exclusive Management president and CEO Randy Black:

“VacayStay Connect has allowed us to capture incremental rental revenue in short period of time with only a nominal resource investment on our part. VacayStay Connect handles all aspects of the consumer shopping and booking experience, so we can focus on delivering a great guest experience during their stay.”

Jon Gray, senior vice president of HomeAway:

“Together with Vacaystay Connect, we can help timeshare and shared ownership resort developers reach a largely untapped segment of families and groups looking for a resort-style vacation. They are a great complement to the existing HomeAway vacation rental homes available to travelers, and an excellent new distribution channel for timeshare resorts.”

Jason Toste, Senior VP of Yield Management at Diamond Resorts:

“We are very excited to partner with Vacaystay Connect to distribute our resorts’ inventory through the HomeAway Network, and to bring in new customers and connect them to a wide range of shared ownership resort properties they may not have considered before.”

Lauren Doran from La Tour:

“Working with VacayStay Connect has been a super easy process so far, everyone has been great and that they are seeing bookings from properties that they have not had before! She said it is all thanks to VacayStay!!”