How to Use Social Media for Vacation Rental Managers

How to Use Social Media for Vacation Rental Managers

In this day and age, a vacation rental owner’s biggest challenge is attracting travelers to their sites.   Sharing valuable information about the local surroundings, the people who live there and what visitors can enjoy doing while they are in town is very important.  This entices people to stop by a check out what you have to offer.   You need to build followers and friends and add links back to your site for those travelers looking for new properties to rent.

Which social media platforms should I focus on?

There are many social media sites available to get your message out with.  Facebook is probably one of the most prominent and active sites around.  Posting links, staying active with your Facebook friends and answering questions for those interested in vacation rental properties will help you boost your business.  As it’s an image-based site, Instagram is an excellent choice for posting images of your properties.  Many larger businesses have turned to LinkedIn as they offer very active members who share ideas and chat with each other. It doesn’t hurt to test your social presence on different platforms to see where your business generates a higher response.

How often should I generate content?*

It is strongly advised that you write content at least a few times a week but if possible, add new content on a daily basis.  The more regularly content is generated, a wider variety of content will trigger search engines to direct visitors to your site looking for that information.

Buffer has become extremely popular and a very valuable tool to generate new articles and posts even when you are away.  All you have to do is write a number of articles and then set them to post throughout the week.  It will appear you are writing daily, when actually, these posts might have been written the week before.

What type of content should I focus on?

There is no better way to attract visitors to your properties than by sharing information about the surrounding area and offering excellent tips for travelers.  Your blog or site should be loaded with fresh content and should be linked to your social media sites.  On social media sites, highlight a specific property and then add a link back to the article on your site. Your content should coincide with the type of visitors you would like to attract to your vacation rental properties.

How Can I Engage my Guests to Interact Through My Efforts?

On your vacation rental website, look for comments from guests that have stopped by to read your articles.  If someone has commented, be sure and answer any questions they might have or thank them for their positive comments.  People like to be acknowledged and if your blog is set-up properly, you will be notified, through your email, when someone has left a comment.

Encourage others to partake in conversation on your social media sites like Facebook. As you start to receive likes, comments, and shares for your vacation rental property posts, friends of the interactors will also see the conversation and feel inclined to get involved as well.

With Instagram, use popular hashtags for those who are searching for vacation destinations. According to Sprout Social trends, 76% of people post vacation photos to a social network and 52% of people say that a friend’s photo inspired their trip. A picture is worth a thousand words so take advantage of the traction your vacation properties can get through social media.

Personal vs. Business Account?

Most businesses prefer to use a business account as opposed to using a personal account as it seems a more professional. Using your business account also reduces the risk of oversharing personal information that might draw guests away from your vacation rental properties. Although, it is acceptable to boast about your vacation rentals from your personal account from time to time; just don’t over do it. When using your business accounts for social media, also make sure to never force the conversation about your properties. Instead, try to present your properties to those who have an interest; this will require more time and effort on behalf of the vacation rental management.   

Should I consider buying ads?

Buying ads such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads will depend on your financial resources.  If you are relatively new, you might want to wait until you build up the funds to take advantage of these options.  The areas gone over in this article will not cost you money but will definitely draw visitors and readers to your location. However, using paid ads is a good way to generate traffic and get your vacation rental properties seen by potential guests.

Are you optimizing your vacation rental properties to generate the most guests?

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