Platform Overview

VacayStay Connect platform is a proven cloud-based distribution platform that delivers the solutions and tools necessary to connect vacation rental accommodations with online leisure shoppers.

Comprised of an inventory distribution, mobile web rendering and digital marketing tools for property management companies and demand partners, VacayStay Connect offers a turn-key solution to grow online bookings for vacation rental property management companies, shared-ownership resorts and vacation homeowners.

Integrated with the majority of the leading property and channel management systems, the VSC Platform stores and curates your vacation rental content. Property descriptions, images, videos, inventory availability and rental rates are distributed through a single API or marketed through an easily deployable, mobile webstore reaching millions of leisure customers.


Key Capabilities


One Stop Shop

Our platform is built to control and operate numerous functions simultaneously. This one system operation can handle distribution, inventory and rate management, payment processes, online bookings and points conversion for any vacation accommodation. Having all controls in one system allow for an easy user experience and maximized performance across functions.


Multiple Integrations

Easy and seamless integrations with top tier property management and channel manager systems plus CRS unites your inventory and content available to millions of customers. With connections in place now, and continuing to build more means that our platform is one of the most interconnected systems in the industry.


Specialized For Alternative Accommodations

Our technology platform is built from the ground up to focus on alternative accommodations such as resorts, vacation rentals, homeowners and innkeepers. Our specialization has always been these types of accommodations and, unlike our competitors, our system does not have to be modified and forced to handle these types rentals. At the same time our flexible platform is able to adjust and represent each alternative accommodation with their desired needs and designs to deliver bookings and revenue.


Technology For Now And The Future

Technological advancements are making hard for property managers to stay up-to-date with the platforms and systems that can best help sell their properties. Our platform has been designed in a way that it can adjust and evolve with the latest trends that are expanding in the travel industry. It can handle modern devices such as mobile, Smart TVs, IoT and wearable devices (i.e Apple Watch), but is also geared up for any future developments.  By adding your inventory to the VacayStay Connect platform, your vacation properties will never be left behind.