How to Attract Corporate Guests to Your Vacation Rental Property

How to Attract Corporate Guests to Your Vacation Rental Property

People who often travel for business purposes are the type of guests that everyone in the vacation rental industry wants to attract. Corporate guests tend to spend larger amounts of money during their travel and consequently bring business to the area. The key to gaining repeat guests is to fulfill their needs during their stay. For decades it was given that business travelers would stay in hotels, but this also allows vacation rental owners to start gaining corporate guests at their properties.

Wireless Connection

Corporate guests live a different lifestyle than your traditional vacation rental guests. Business travelers never disconnect so it is essential that your rental property includes free and high-speed WiFi. To make these business men and women feel more comfortable, offer them a functional working space to get in the zone. Include equipment that corporate guests might need quick access to such as a copier, scanner, or a fax machine.

Fitness and Health

Many busy corporate travelers have little free time, so including exercising equipment in your vacation rental property is an added benefit. Simple fitness tools such as a treadmill, yoga mat, and a standard weight set can leave a positive lasting impression for your guests. Also include healthy options for food by adding blenders, steamers, and utensils to slice fruit and vegetables.


Off reliable transportations services that are in your area. Common services include Uber and Lyft, but there are additional transit options available by location, specifically in Chicago and Manhattan, such as Via. Another option is to partner with a local service to have a dependable and consistent driver for your vacation rental properties.


After you’ve established a reliable source of drivers, provide your corporate guests with places to get dinner that are deemed local favorites. These hidden gems will allow their experience to stand out and feel more inclined to return to your property. Also, include common destinations and their distance from your vacation rental property as an added bonus of convenience to your guest.

Vacation rental owners and managers have endless potentials to get into the business travel market before it’s oversaturated. Business travelers are demanding more variety in lodging options and the supply is out there.

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